Why The Lifestyler Business?

  • I help you take certain tasks off your hands so you can focus on what’s really important
  • I help you with the things you have no time for or are less good at
  • With a very personal touch and approach I help you where needed

”Over the years, it has become my real passion to support the busy lives of successful women and men wherever possible. I am motivated by daily challenges and finding optimal, tailor-made solutions for every individual. With my skills, attention, and dedication at your service, I ensure that you meet all your professional and personal obligations. I will keep the engine of your life running at full steam. Furthermore, it’s proven if you have more time to enjoy the beautiful things in life, you not only function better, but you feel better.”

''Your personal Lifestyling Consultant dedicated to making your life more beautiful''

”The Lifestyler business’ goal is to help you save time so you can focus on what’s most important to you”

  • TLSB helps you to keep the focus on what’s most important in your daily life.
  • TLSB helps you structure your work, so you can be many times more productive.
  • TLSB helps you by saving you time, time that you can use on the good things in life (your family, friends, sports and hobbies).
  • The Lifestyler is also the perfect sparring partner for you (and your company).
  • Another advantage is that The Lifestyler Business has a broad global network which can be used to get the best out of the work for you.


Because of my background as a stylist, I have always been passionate about clothing and appearance, in addition, I worked for several years as an executive assistant at various companies. That’s why through time, supporting successful women and men wherever possible, has become a real passion for me. Fashion, creativity and organising are in my blood. When dealing with managing various projects my approach is best described as hands-on. I organized many photo-shoots, events, parties for business companies and the creative (fashion) industry. Through these experiences I have developed the perfect skills for my next step: making sure you can live your life with power and without any stress.


Amsterdam, Amstelveen, T’ Gooi & Rotterdam