Your personal Lifestyling Consultant dedicated to making your life more beautiful


Why The Lifestyler Business? 

  • To do’s: I handle certain responsibilities, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters.
  • Personal support: By assisting where necessary, I create more time for you and your loved ones.
  • Time and skill management: I take care of tasks you’re short on time for or find challenging.
  • Customized assistance: I provide personalized help to address your specific needs.


Household Management

With this service I make sure that your household runs smoothly without stress

Event Management

With this service, I ensure the seamless organisation of your event or party, creating delightful and memorable experiences without any worries for you.

Project Management 

With this service, I provide comprehensive support for your project, allowing you to focus solely on making the final decisions.


Through this service, I provide expert styling assistance for selecting suitable outfits for various occasions and elevating your interior design, both personally and professionally.

"TLSB provides personalised assistance wherever it's needed, with a unique and attentive approach."


Over time, I’ve developed a genuine passion for assisting accomplished individuals in navigating their busy lives. I thrive on daily challenges and specialize in crafting personalised solutions tailored to each person’s unique needs. With my expertise, focus, and unwavering commitment, I guarantee that you’ll successfully manage both your professional and personal responsibilities. Consider me the engine that keeps your life running smoothly. Moreover, studies show that having more time to savor life’s pleasures not only enhances productivity but also boosts overall well-being.


”Great, professional and for me an invaluable service with a warm and personal touch”

– Elisha Evers

''After all, a stress free life is priceless, isn't it?''

I’ll hanlde your Household Management, event planning, daily scheduling, and even help you find that perfect long term outfit when you’re short on time. Whether it’s revamping your life for the next decade, The Lifestyler Business has got you covered. Because, let’s face it, a stress free life is truly invaluable, isn’t it?

– The Lifestyler  


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