Your personal Lifestyling Consultant dedicated to making your life more beautiful


Why The Lifestyler Business? 

  • I help you take certain tasks off your hands so you can focus on what’s really important
  • Because I support you and help you where needed, there will be more room for yourself and your loved ones
  • I help you with the things you have no time for or are less good at
  • With a very personal touch and approach I help you where needed


Household Management

With this service I make sure that your household runs smoothly without stress

Event Management

With this service I make sure I organise that birthday or party for you with lots of fun and wonderful memories without worries


Project Management 

With this service, I support you with your project so you only have to make the final decisions 


With this service I help you with styling in the field of choosing the right outfits for certain occasions, taking your interior to a higher level both privately and professionally

''With a very personal touch and approach TLSB helps you wherever needed''


Over the years, it has become my real passion to support the busy lives of successful women and men wherever possible. I am motivated by daily challenges and finding optimal, tailor-made solutions for every individual. With my skills, attention, and dedication at your service, I ensure that you meet all your professional and personal obligations. I will keep the engine of your life running at full steam. Furthermore, it’s proven if you have more time to enjoy the beautiful things in life, you not only function better, but you feel better.


”Great, professional and for me an invaluable service with a warm and personal touch”

– Elisha Evers

''After all, a stress free life is priceless, isn't it?''

I am giving you peace of mind, by taking care of the overall planning, extra power and management. I’ll provide what is required to run your housekeeping, planning of events, everyday scheduling, but also find that new long term outfit you have no time to look for. Whatever you need to re-model your life for the next decade, the Lifestyler Business is at your service. After all, a stress free life is priceless, isn’t it?


– The Lifestyler  


Amsterdam, Amstelveen, T’ Gooi & Rotterdam